Why I started this newsletter

In 2020, I started working with parents of trans-identifying kids — parents who think their kids are making a big mistake. I quickly realized that there was a huge amount of medical malpractice going on, and that gay people like me would be blamed for it. So I started trying to do my bit to tell their stories. Since then, many of them have become my friends.

Parents feel lost, misunderstood, vilified and hopeless. They deserve a voice. I want to provide a space where that voice can be heard.

Why I write anonymously

Like many gender critical people, I write behind a pseudonym. This is because I am an academic working in an unrelated field, and I don’t want to lose future research or work opportunities. Also, I don’t want to have to deal with the hate mail that inevitably comes to those who express dissent on this topic — nor do I want my family to have to deal with it. Only one side in this debate issues death threats, and it isn’t mine.

Why it’s my business

‘Gender transition’ is being pushed on young people under the guise of ‘LGBT rights’. That means that people like me will inevitably be implicated when the fallout from these procedures hits. I’m also pretty certain that I would have followed this pathway myself, as someone who experienced dysphoric feelings in teenage — and that it would have been a disaster.

How you can help

No matter whether or not you have kids, you can help parents and families who are going through this. Keep an open mind; listen to what they have to say; and stand up for their right to make autonomous decisions as parents.

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